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12.5M+ Australians can be found on Instagram making it one of the top websites visited in the country. Instagram is a visual platform with a dedicated and loyal audience. All social media platforms play a different role in the communication funnel and require a unique approach to content and advertising.

At Multi Media we have proven Instagram strategies to help your business drive more engagement, traffic, leads and sales from Instagram Advertising. Whether you have existing content or creative and are looking to drive success with paid Instagram ads or require full-service support, Multi Media are here to help.

Whilst Facebook (Meta) owns Instagram they are still very much different platforms with a different user experience and enriched audiences. It is important to understand the nuances unique to Instagram in order to be successful. This is why it is important to consider engaging an Instagram Advertising Agency like Multi Media.

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What we do


Multi Media works with our clients to develop a tailored approach to drive success on Instagram. Navigating content to media is all critical.


Multi Media works with our clients to create strategic and engaging content for Instagram that will help you build your social brand and grow your business.


Instagram has variety of different options for paid advertising, each designed to deliver a different outcome or goal. The experience of the team at Multi Media will ensure the right campaign structure and optimisations are put in place for your business goals.


We find the best influencers for your business and create an authentic and engaging campaign endorsing your brand – with your products or services as the hero.

Our Approach

Our Instagram approach is based on four key pillars:

Instagram Objectives: When advertising on Instagram, you can focus on Awareness, Consideration and Conversions.  We work with you to select the right mix of objectives for your campaign.

Target Market: We refine and match your target audience through Instagram working through:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Behaviours
  • Connections

Instagram Strategy – We customise a plan for your budget.  We can design simple and effective strategies or build customised purchase funnels that nurture your prospects into brand advocates.

Instagram Creative – Produce and share compelling creative that works for the platform.

Amplify & Engage – Once the campaign has launched, we monitor and optimise the campaign to help drive and maximise delivery on the campaign objectives.

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Multi Media is a successful Sydney based Instagram Advertising Agency. Whether you are looking for guidance, advice or a fully developed Instagram strategy. It is always worth reaching out and having a chat.

Instagram FAQ

Similar to Facebook as Meta owns the two platforms, there are practically no high-level minimum spends with Meta.  It then becomes more about setting the right budget to drive your desired results.

Every Social platform is different. The answer always depends on your business, your audience and your objectives.  Instagram has made it increasingly challenging for businesses to achieve reach organically to its own followers let alone reach beyond to potential new customers or followers. The Meta algorithm is structured in such a way that brands need to boost their content with paid ads to reach significant audiences.  The focus should be on quality Instagram content posted at a frequency that keeps your unique audience engaged and interested and amplifying this content to the right audience for your business.

Video does tend to perform well, and Reels have shown to drive the best organic reach and cut through. It is however still important for Paid Ads, of a variety of formats (Display and Video) are included in your mix.

Whilst Meta is one of the more user-friendly advertising platforms, the learning curve in driving success with the platform is steep.  Ultimately, if you value your time and have other pressing priorities in the business an Instagram Advertising Agency can achieve success quicker and always keep you at the forefront of the ever-evolving landscape.