About the Multi Agency

Multi Media is an independent Sydney-based Media Marketing Agency driven to deliver.

Multi Media:

adjective:  Using more than one medium of expression or communication
noun: The use of a variety of artistic or communication media platforms

From offline to online and everything in-between our aim is to add greater value to all you marketing initiatives by maximising your media spends. The algorithm and premise is quite simple; when you multiply people, passion, ideas and data… you get RESULTS.

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Our Agency DNA

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Our goal is to make our clients famous, and seeing their growth is the ultimate reward.

We do more than just buy media. We build customer connections through ideas and integration, ensuring we reach your audience at multiple touch points as they consume media throughout the customer lifecycle.

Our aim is to provide:

  • An agile service
  • Expert knowledge
  • Accountable solutions
  • An honest and transparent approach to everything we do
  • Experienced people to service our client’s business.

Marketing is not just about the message, it’s also about reach, frequency, impacts, audiences, TARPs, CPMs statistics and a whole lot of numbers. It’s the numbers where we excel. Data plus our superior knowledge of the
Google Suite of products helps us analyse audience behaviour, media imperatives, digital consumption and habits, to develop marketing communication plans and make adjustments to ensure maximum performance.

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Our Formula

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Creative media solutions

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As one of the oldest independent media marketing agencies in Australia, established in 1988, we have a deep understanding of this always changing industry.

Our ethics form the essence and foundation of our Company.  We are a family of professionals, a family of creative partnerships working together to provide all of our clients with creative media solutions.

Our team offers an agile service with expert knowledge to deliver accountable solutions and data driven strategies. Just like this industry, we are always looking to adjust and improve our campaigns to ensure the best results possible for our clients.