Media Strategy, Media Planning and Media Buying Agency.

As an experienced media agency based in Sydney, Australia, we are here to help simplify, optimise and maximise the Media Buying algorithm for our clients and agencies, whether we make up a small fraction of your marketing or we look after the whole equation.

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Your message needs to appear on multiple channels to really reach your customers – which is why our campaigns offer a combination of print, digital, television, radio, social and more.

When you multiply a combination of data, ideas and passionate people you get BIG RESULTS. Our dynamic marketing team implements informed media investment ideas, modelled on research, data and intelligence. We then combine those insights with our experience to initiate and nurture customer connections.

We analyse audience behaviours and data in order for your message to appear within the right media vehicles to reach your customers. Your campaign is designed to inspire action, and our data is what helps us reach your customers – making that action possible.

As marketing has evolved so have the needs of our clients and Multi Media has expanded our service offering in order to cater for those needs. Within the digital space this includes a host of other initiatives such as content development, social media management and email marketing to name just a few.

Our services include:

  • Writing a Communications Strategy
  • Providing Media Research and audience intelligence
  • Development of Media Plans that take into account seasonality, scheduling, audience recall and the individual requirements of each client
  • Implementation of the media recommended including negotiation of rates and activity volumes, media placement, campaign monitoring and the auditing of all results

Our Media Services

We do more than just buy media – we take our client’s data to create a communication strategy and media plan that takes into account seasonality, flighting, audience recall. Once we have the right formula of data, we negotiate and purchase the media on their behalf, and then audit the feedback – constantly adjusting to multiply results.

Media Services Icon Tv Advertising Agency

TV Advertising Agency

Multi Media are a highly experienced TV Buying Agency with many of the team members having handled Blue Chip accounts throughout their media career.

The methodology employed when buying TV has changed over the years with continued attempts to improving audience targeting based on TARPS, indexes, ebb and flow, Q-Scores, engagement levels and many more.

Appointment viewing is shifting to on demand and digital streaming services. Whilst these new platforms have taken significant audience volumes out of live FTA audiences, total video consumption is actually on the rise. TV is certainly not a dying media – it is merely evolving via connected TVs and catch up viewing platforms, making monitoring more accurate and giving advertisers the ability to connect data. This has enabled us to be able to provide more detailed and accurate measurement of campaign effectiveness than ever before.

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Media Services Icon Radio Advertising Agency

Radio advertising agency

With 88% of Australians listening to radio each week (Australian Infinite Dial Study, 2018), radio is a high reaching and cost-effective addition to any advertising campaign formula.

It is also considered one of the noisiest mediums, which is why creative execution is key. Our detailed audience and market reports identifies where your customers are spending time with radio, right down to the minute.

Low production costs and measurable metrics make advertising in radio a cost effective option with massive potential reach. Our existing relationship with all major national broadcasters means we can access the highest rating programs, at the best pricing to ensure maximum coverage and campaign reach.

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Media Services Icon Digital Advertising Agency

Digital Marketing Agency

Multi Media offer a whole host of digital marketing initiatives, from SEM, SEO and Video, to Display, Influencer and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).

We have even developed our own unique AI for what we feel is one of the most advanced methodologies available for the management of the Google Ads Suite (Search, Display, YouTube and Shopping). The data available from the AI can also help to shape other marketing activities.

Being an early adopter of newer advertising opportunities often leads to trading opportunities where competition is not only lower, but also offers greater buying cost efficiencies to drive leads. This is where a thorough understanding of your audience’s behaviour is required. Click through to take a look at the variety of digital marketing services available with the Multi Media Agency.

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Digital Services Icon Google Ads Agency

Google ads agency

Managing advertising through Google Ads involves analysing large volumes of data, and monitoring specific patterns of user behaviour. Accurately optimising highly granular campaigns is complex, time consuming and many agencies do not offer complex search setups. Multi Media will do the work and set up your search campaign to suit your business. Spending time on your setup reaps long term benefits and improves your ROI.

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Digital Services Icon Seo Agency

Search Engine Optimisation Agency

Search Engine Optimisation is a long-term strategy approach which is undertaken incrementally starting with on-page hygiene factors then moving onto off-page growth areas.

We review and optimise content currently on the website, recommend and develop new content, review the HTML code and ensure it is structured best for algorithms to interpret, ensure keyword density is appropriate and all pages are indexed and listed in the sitemap. Off-page activities include backlinks and inbound link management.

SEO is of vital importance if you want ongoing website visitation. More than 30% of all clicks go to the first ranked organic result. Whilst there are some more technical implementations required on a website to ensure better ‘crawlability’, the practice is predominately built around human behaviours and logic.

By appropriately mind mapping audience search behaviour, volumes and the competitive landscape, building out an appropriate site structure, internal linking, content and other technical requirements, you’ve taken the first step to giving yourself a chance to achieve better SERPs.

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Digital Services Icon Social Media Agency

Social Media Marketing Agency

Media spends have to appropriately follow where audiences spend their time, however, not all advertising is created equal and for social it is a case whereby tailoring the message for the environment is imperative.

Each audience and industry has its own channel formula to give brands the power to amplify messages to millions.

Social media is also the only form of media that allows the audience to take your message further, the virality or shareability of creative campaigns can often outperforming a big media spend in the social environment. The scale and complexity of social means that utilising data, audience segmentation and tailoring your messaging becomes vital if social is to be used effectively. When done well brands are able to engage and convert followers far more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

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Programmatic Media Advertising Agency

Programmatic Media Buying Agency

Programmatic media buying continues to grow as more and more media providers connect their inventory into biddable market places.

As the gap and connection of data between offline and online closes, 1st and 2nd party data becomes the new marketing gold. Buying media programmatically allows advertisers far greater agility enabling them to apply far more granular parameters to the audiences they are targeting. Multi Media look to enhance other media channels and the campaigns overall reach with programmatic digital activity

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Media Services Icon Billboard Advertising Agency

Billboard / Out of Home Advertising Agency

Billboard Advertising is more than just your campaign on a massive scale. From roadside, shopping centres, airports, office buildings, cafés, rail, bus stops, and universities, there is a way to attract the attention of your audience right across Australia.

With many suppliers now offering printed and digital solutions, refreshing and adjusting your campaign is seamless. Digital billboards allow for audience interaction which creates another mechanic from which we can gain further insights into how your customers relate to your brand and message.

We also have access to a unique reporting system that allows us to pinpoint the best locations to ensure we reach your ideal audience with accuracy and frequency.

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Media Services Icon Print Advertising Agency

Print advertising agency

Print media is one of the most trusted forms of advertising media.

Despite the decrease in circulation felt by many print titles as a result of the proliferation of digital media, print can still play an important role in a communication plan designed to build customer trust and brand awareness.

As one of the oldest media buying agencies in Sydney we have established long term relationships with newspapers, magazines and publishers across Australia and Internationally.

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Media Services Icon Cinema Advertising Agency

Cinema Advertising Agency

Along with most forms of media, Cinema Buying has also evolved and now offers audience-based targeting.

Cinema has always delivered greater cut through, viewability and recall, and now studies detail the additional incremental reach, consideration and brand equity it also delivers when combined with other media. Cinema was historically a tougher sell-in to advertisers as part of a media mix due to its slower cumulative reach.

Cinema’s appeal with brands is constantly broadening as it is uniquely placed to overcome many advertising challenges. The big screen is difficult to ignore. There are minimal distractions from Multi-Screening. Ads cannot be skipped or muted, and with massive wall-to-wall screens and surround sound cinema offers an immersive multi sensory experience.

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Media Services Icon Ethnic Advertising Agency

Ethnic Media Advertising Agency

Multi Media have experience buying a host of ethnic media networks, publications and digital environments.

Given the diversity of Australian society it is imperative that the correct measures are put in place to reach these niche markets, they can often prove to be very lucrative environments for clients and an undervalued marketing channel.

Ethnic media also expands into a variety of social media channels and websites as well and Multi can help ensure that appropriate translation services are supplied to adapt material accordingly.

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