Display Advertising is the utilization of image ads on publisher websites that form part of an integration, partnership, or sponsorship

Our display advertising team have a strong track record of driving results for our clients. Whether your business wishes to utilise Display Advertising for brand awareness, drive traffic or sales, our team has the right strategy for you. Talk to the team at Multi Media today.

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What we do

Premium Display Advertising

Over the past 20 years, Multi Media has invested millions of dollars with the top Publishers in the country on behalf of our clients.  These strong relationships are important in securing the best integration and value for Premium Display placements. Premium Display Advertising involves the negotiation and placement of guaranteed display banners and rich media activity with premium publishers such as News Corp, Nine, Seven West, Yahoo, Fox Sports and many more.  Premium Publishers offer rich contextual environments for all advertisers.

Our Display Advertising experts bring a programmatic discipline and approach to these premium publisher campaigns where we have an audience first mentality and ensure accountability in terms of viewability and measurement of performance.

With the deprecation of cookies, contextual environments and audiences will be making a comeback which further emphasises the need to consider Premium Display as part of your digital media mix going forward.

Premium Display Advertising includes formats such as Home Page Takeovers, Half Page Billboards, Roadblocks and standard web banner display assets.

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Programmatic Display Advertising

Programmatic Display offers superior audience targeting as well as access to many websites and publishers cost efficiently with the added ability of being dynamic and agile with your campaign optimisation. The Multi Media team will continually optimise your programmatic campaigns to drive the best results for your budget.

Programmatic Advertising is perfect for advertisers big or small. It can be targeted on just about any digital advertising platform for any size budget. This audience led approach combined with continually optimisation means less budget wastage and greater ROI.

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Google Display Advertising

Do you already have Google Ads and are looking for a Display Advertising Agency to drive growth for your brand? Our team boasts decades of experience and results with Google Display Advertising.

Google Display Advertising is where businesses promote their products or services across a vast network of websites, apps, and other online platforms affiliated with Google. Unlike Google Search Ads, which appear when users actively search for specific keywords, Google Display Ads are visually engaging banners, images, or text ads that are strategically placed on relevant websites or apps based on targeting like user demographics, interests, and browsing behaviour.

These ads aim to increase brand visibility, drive website traffic, and generate leads by reaching potential customers as they browse the internet. Google’s extensive display network offers advertisers access to millions of websites, ensuring widespread exposure and the opportunity to connect with diverse audiences across various digital touchpoints. Additionally, advertisers can utilize targeting options, such as contextual targeting, remarketing, and demographic targeting, to tailor their campaigns and maximize effectiveness.

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Display FAQ

This differs from programmatic display in the way that the creative placement is integrated deeper into the content that just a regular ad placement. This may be an overlay the publisher has available which is offered non-programmatically. These integrations, sponsorships, or partnerships create an eye-catching experience for the customer as they can be interactive and immersive. Context is paramount with less focus on audience data. Our audience is visiting specific websites and if the brand advertised provides a non-invasive experience when visiting the website, the partnership between both is strengthened. The key for us is to integrate with the publisher to deliver an engaging experience for the customer and foster a positive brand recall.

Typical banners sizes are 300×250 (Medium Rectangle), 300×600 (Half Page), 728×90 (Leaderboard), 160×600 (Skyscraper), 970×250 (Half Page Billboard) and 320×50 (Mobile Banner).

Programmatic Display Advertising is when advertisers target an audience with first, second- or third-party data across the internet using aggregated inventory available from a variety of publishers across the internet.  The process uses a bidding system to leverage audience data and auction off available digital media inventory using automation for speed and cost efficiency.

Contextual targeting is advertising on websites that have specific content that attracts and engages with a particular type of audience.  For example, a home renovation website is a good contextual environment for a kitchen company to consider advertising on as the audience on the website are more likely to be interested in home renovations and kitchen products.

Behavioural targeting is more focused on the audience and less on the website where the ad is served.  For instance, third party audiences are based on the vast amounts of data gathered from user’s web activity.  If someone visits a few different home renovation websites, they will eventually be tracked and be considered to have a “Home Renovation Affinity” or “In-market home renovation” user.  When an advertiser targets this user programmatically, their ads will not necessarily show up on home renovation websites but will target that particular user wherever they are on the internet on any brand safe website.

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