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Have you considered using Twitter as an advertising tool to increase brand awareness, consideration and conversions? With more than 317 million active users worldwide each month and 5.3 million of those being in Australia, maybe it’s time you should!

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Twitter Audience Targeting

Twitter has a number of targeting options available, including: device targeting, geo location, gender, language, interests, followers and keywords. Tailored audiences are also able to be built using your own email database, from people who have visited your website (if you have a Twitter tag installed), as well as people who have taken a specific action on your mobile app.

Twitter Reach Campaigns

You can promote Tweets that are published organically or create new Tweets that are only promoted to your audience. Cost is structured on a CPM basis. Content should always be strong and engaging like any other social media platform. You can serve multiple creatives in a campaign and it is always best practice to be up to date and relevant, as Twitter is fast-paced and discusses what is happening right now. Twitter is also a great place to ask questions to and interact with your audience.

Twitter Consideration Campaigns

If you’re using Twitter for a consideration campaign, there are multiple ad formats that could service your objectives well, including:

  • Video Views – Tweets with videos attract 10x more engagement than tweets without videos. Videos should be 6-15 seconds long, mobile friendly and have a sound off strategy.
  • Pre-Roll Views – Pre-roll video ads run before brand safe videos from outlets such as sporting teams, top TV shows, professional news outlets and premium publishers. The video rolls for 6 seconds before the skip option appears, so it is important to have a strong message from the beginning.
  • App Installs – This format displays an image or video, app ratings, and a click-through all in one place. Ads are displayed as “promoted” and will run across multiple locations on Twitter — including home timelines, profiles, Tweet detail pages, and search results.
  • Website Clicks – These campaigns feature your content on a Website Card, which allows people to preview an image, related context, and a clear call-to-action within a single ad format in their timeline. Conversion tracking should be set up especially for this type of campaign. Cost is only incurred when someone clicks on the link in your ad.
  • Engagement – Content should always be engaging as people will respond to compelling tweets. Hashtags, high quality visuals, short video and polls perform well. Cost is incurred only when initial engagements are generated from the campaign.
  • Followers – This is the type of campaign that is used to grow your followers. Gaining followers means growing your brand’s audience. People who follow you will see your tweets and are likely to become brand advocates and or customers. Campaigns should have a compelling reason to make people want to follow your account.

Twitter Conversion Campaigns

If your main advertising goal is conversion, consider an App re-engagement campaign! These campaigns drive people to open, update, or take action in your app. The audience is transitioned to your app using app cards.

This format shows creative, app ratings and a click through. App cards can host images and videos and a mobile conversion tag should be active to analyse the ROI.

The Multi Media team are skilled in creating engaging Twitter campaigns which yields results. Talk to us today about your advertising goals.

Our Media Services

We do more than just buy media – we take our client’s data to create a communication strategy and media plan that takes into account seasonality, flighting, audience recall. Once we have the right formula of data, we negotiate and purchase the media on their behalf, and then audit the feedback – constantly adjusting to multiply results.