Social media marketing is the power of the people!

On no other platform do you receive the same level of instant feedback and interaction with your audience. Increasing your online and social presence is critical to maximise any digital marketing campaign, and allows a channel for customers to find you on their time.

We look at the benefits of social media as more than just another platform to distribute brand messaging. It is a way to open communication, improve customer service, and build a community and authentic brand loyalty.

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Multi Media approach Social Media Marketing as an essential element of all marketing initiatives. The data and depth of understanding available through social media marketing makes it possible to target your exact ideal audience, as well as direct feedback on your brand and products.

Social media marketing is about understanding audiences, how to reach them, where they are spending their time, and most importantly how to engage them to generate interest and recall for your brand.

Our social media marketing approach has four levels of focus:

Research – Understand the market, competition, future product developments, target audience insights, behaviour and platform usage.

Strategy – Develop a blueprint for how to get your brand in front of prospective customers, as well as the how to maintain brand equity and achieve your business goals.

Content/Engagement – Produce and share compelling content that generates audience engagement. The proof is in the engagement through likes, comments or shares.

Amplification – Leverage first and second party data, advertising, and influencers to take your brand’s message even further. We work with your goals, whether it is brand awareness, sales, lead generation, or to grow your database

Social media Strategy

Multi Media works with our clients to determine a strategy, formulate a structure, and manage the roll out of content, community engagement, advertising and reporting.

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social media Advertising

Social Media Marketing gives brands the power to amplify messages to millions on the networks and a big idea or creative message will outperform a big media spend.

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social media Content

Multi Media works with our clients to create strategic and engaging content, as well as niche analysis, keyword research, audience segmentation, and customer journey mapping.

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Influencer Marketing agency

We find the best influencers for your business and create an authentic and engaging campaign endorsing your brand – with your products or services as currency.

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