A digital marketing agency in Sydney with a difference.

Multi Media’s Digital Advertising team first and foremost buy Audiences. We aim to ensure your digital activity is appropriately targeting customers based on their behaviours and within contextually relevant environments. By applying relevant brand and buying principles we can simplify complexity and cut out unnecessary white noise to focus on business goals.

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Digital advertising introduces a myriad of new metrics and data that marketers often find undecipherable.

This perpetuates the adage “50% of my marketing spend is wasted, I just don’t know which 50%”. Compounded by this, walled gardens, ad-blocking, device privacy, ad-fraud and bots, fake news, and fragmentation, the complexity of the landscape increases every day. Multi Media provide a holistic view on how all channels are working together with the goal of providing incremental improvements. This allows the marketing teams and initiatives to be optimised further in order to deliver more effective digital marketing campaigns.

A consumer’s journey is no longer linear, there are however patterns which can be identified and mapped out via data visualisation or linear regression. Identifying these patterns as well as utilising technology and AI to help drive digital targeting has shifted the way in which we purchase media completely.

Purchasing media against an audience and in context vs buying static environments enables advertisers to reach their target far more effectively, independent of device, browser, website, app, game or type of media being consumed.

Multi Media enables advertisers to navigate this ecosystem with digital marketing initiatives across Search, Video, Display, Influencer, Content, and Social marketing channels.

As part of our products and services, we help our clients with Conversion Rate Optimisation and have developed our own AI for one of the most sophisticated segmentation methodologies available to the Google Ads suite (Google Search, Google Display Network, and YouTube). Being an early adopter of new advertising technologies enables us to have unique trading opportunities in previously unreachable areas resulting in less competition and greater buying cost efficiency.

Multi Media develop holistic digital strategies to ensure higher visibility and greater opportunity to reach your customers. For more information on individual services click the icons below to discover how we merge data, logic and creativity to deliver a Multi Digital equation.