A Social Media Marketing Strategy must form a part of an overarching company plan. Learn more about the approach we employ to deliver deeper relationships with your customer.

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Before approaching social media, we must first develop a full marketing plan for your brand and business goals.

Without strategy there is a high chance of failure.

Every marketing action needs a ‘why’ and to be a part of a bigger picture to ensure it delivers results for your brand.

Multi Media works with our clients to determine a strategy, formulate a structure, and manage the roll out of content, community engagement, advertising and reporting.

Many brands take the approach of being on all social media channels, however this only works to dilute your messaging and expend resources reaching the ‘wrong’ people. Each social media channel attracts a different audience and knowing which audience best suits your brand is the first step in developing a social media strategy and plan.

A brand needs to know why they have a social channel, and how to best use it. Once we know who we are talking to, and if they are your desired audience, we can then frame the content, campaigns and ads, as well as the best way to gather insights and analytics.

Social Media & Content Strategy Process

  1. Define goals
  2. Identify success metrics
  3. Develop content, social media strategy & customer personas
  4. Prepare individual social media platforms
  5. Execute the strategy: get active
  6. Monitor activity; deliver reporting. Alter course if required, based on outcomes & achievements

Contact Multi Media to discuss your brand’s social media marketing strategy and how it takes part in your overall marketing plan and goals.

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What we do

Social media strategy is more than just deciding on types of content and how often to post it.  At Multi we work with you to decide on channel appropriateness for your business, the role of each channel, the type of content for each channel, your customer service approach for responding to messages and comments, follower growth strategies and much more.  There is nothing worse than starting a channel because it seems like the right thing to do and then leaving it dormant.  When you launch a new channel you need to have momentum and a plan of attack to grow an authentic following.  At Multi Media we don’t subscribe to buying followers (which lets face it, is a thing of the past).  A Social media strategy agency like Multi Media will ensure that the ideas developed can actually be executed.

We specialise in:

  • Social Channel Strategy
  • Social Content Strategy
  • Social Channel Launches
  • Community Management Strategy
  • Follower growth strategy
  • Social Media Advertising Strategy

Social Channels


Facebook continues to evolve, and it is impossible for businesses to keep up without a partner like Multi.


Instagram appears to be the platform with higher levels of trend adoption. When Snapchat rose Instagram had stories, with TikTok its reels.


YouTube might be the world’s biggest video platform but it also has one of the largest communities of creators and followers.


Twitter or “X” still has a place and can provide clear air as the 8th largest social platform with 5M+ users.


With TikTok it is just as much about understanding the audience than trying to post contemporary content to fit in.


If you think what works for Facebook will work for Pinterest, then you definitely need the expertise of a social media strategy agency.


Over 8M+ monthly active users on Snapchat.  As Google and Meta costs rise, platforms like Snapchat offer audience and less clutter.


Similar to TikTok, LinkedIn has proven to drive strong organic growth and can be a powerful channel for just about any business or brand.

Social Strategy FAQ

The answer always depends on the business, its audience and its needs.  Beware of pushing quantity over quality to simply to achieve reach.  Meta has made it increasingly challenging for businesses to gain organic reach of its own account followers let alone reach beyond your pages following, as Meta prefers brands to boost their content with paid ads.  The focus should be on quality and a cadence that is consistent and sustainable for your business.  A social content agency will typically recommend quantity, but at Multi we believe in a balance of organic and paid to drive the best result.

TikTok is clearly here to stay and as a business is a channel you should consider.  Reports have shown TikTok’s success at providing organic growth akin to the early days of Facebook and Instagram, so it is always worth considering as a channel to try as it could help boost your business organically. 

Trying to go viral is catching lightning in a bottle and effort exerted to achieve virality at no cost may cost you more in time and resource than you realise.  Going viral for businesses isn’t always the best either.  You should always be developing authentic content true to your business and its objectives. Going viral should be considered a bonus.

If you are posting content with no strategy and measuring back to an objective you could be plundering