Influencer Marketing is the latest wave in the ocean of Digital Marketing. Let us show you how to leverage advocates the right way.

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Planning a successful influencer marketing campaign is about more than follower numbers, as bigger is not always better, and may not have the sway you are chasing.

A recent study by TapInfluence shows that Influencer Marketing generates 11 times more ROI than many traditional forms of marketing, however we know from experience it is all about who you work with.

Why limit your creative to just one idea? The power of influencer marketing enables brands to reach audiences with completely different and authentic voices from their own.

User generated content is shown to have far higher engagement than brand generated content. More-potent engagement for your brand equals a far higher likelihood of message retention and action.

Using the right advocates to partner with requires that they understand your brand and know their own audiences. This ensures that the content developed engages with their own audiences and most importantly delivers real results.

Why Influencer Marketing?

Because with the right partners, it works.

Social media networks are constantly changing the algorithm for organic posts, forcing brands to spend more advertising on boosting posts to achieve reach and engagement numbers. Influencer content has retained far greater organic exposure, along with loyal followers for the owner of the account.

By leveraging large and small advocates with unique content ideas, Influencer Marketing adds a whole new level of customer advocacy and brand exposure to your social media mix.

Our approach

Multi Media start by finding out who your customers follow, how they engage, and the level of influence of potential partners.

We find the best influencers for your business by assessing their account statistics, engagement level of posts, language and feedback of users, and the other brands the influencer supports.

We then reach out and create an authentic and engaging campaign endorsing your brand, along with an agreement in regards to number of posts, fees, good/services exchanged, social channels, and the timeline.

We also determine how to best measure the success of the campaign, so we can assess the ROI.

Don’t take the risk of partnering with the wrong influencer for your brand, reach out to Multi Media and let us plan and negotiate an effective partnership.