Amazon has become the central hub for shopping, so it makes sense to advertise where customers are in the mood to spend.

According to Ecommerce News “Amazon’s average monthly site visits significantly outperformed other marketplaces, clocking at 75.2 million visits”. There are several ways to advertise on Amazon and the platform works similarly to Google Ads with nuances to navigate.

Whether you have just launched your products onto Amazon and need help with Amazon Ads or whether you are considering whether Amazon Ads is the right media for your business as part of your media mix, then give the team at Multi Media a call and one of our Amazon Ad specialists can assist you.

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Our Approach

At Multi Media we aren’t just an Amazon Advertising agency that manages your campaigns. We work with your business to develop strategies around your products, ad formats, competitor analysis and Amazon ad optimisation.

We can develop the right Amazon Advertising strategy, set up your Amazon Ad campaigns, advise on best practices and manage your campaigns ongoing. At Multi Media we have experience in developing the right Amazon Ad campaign structures that are key to driving results.

Amazon Ad Formats

  • Sponsored Product Ads
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Product Display Ads

Amazon FAQ

Similar to Google Ads, Sponsored Product Ads are charged on a Cost Per Click model.

Sponsored Product Ads work similar Google Shopping where you have product listings and create negative keywords to prevent your ad showing for irrelevant searches. Sponsored Brands feature your logo, a headline, and multiple products. These ads appear in high exposure places within shopping results to help drive discovery of your brand beyond product searches.

Not necessarily but you are limited to Display Ad inventory and not other ad inventory such as Sponsored Product Ads which is designed to drive users to the Amazon product listings.