Multi Media has over 15 years of experience advertising on Facebook.

Facebook stands out as the predominant media platform for daily engagement among Australians. As a result, Facebook has a significant share of advertising revenue, making it an extremely competitive environment when it comes to capturing user attention and converting customers. Leveraging the experience of a specialist Facebook advertising agency like Multi Media, will give your Facebook advertising the boost it needs over your competition.

Facebook’s algorithm changes have meant that a brand’s organic reach is minimal. Investing in paid Facebook advertising is more important than ever but if it isn’t done well, it can be just as ineffective!

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What we do


Multi Media has a robust approach to developing a Facebook strategy led by data and insights.


Muti Media specialise in developing engaging Facebook creative that generates results, whether through organic or paid strategies.


We not only set up your campaign but manage, optimise and provide comprehensive reports on performance and growth.


Influencer marketing provides a significant opportunity for brands on Facebook. It gained popularity through Instagram, but it is a key opportunity for brands to grow user generated content.

Our Approach

  1. Define The Objectives: Advertising on Facebook allows advertisers to optimise across all phases of the sales and marketing funnel – awareness, consideration, conversion & retention. Multi Media will create a bespoke plan for your business with clearly defined objectives and targets to meet your brand’s goals. Depending on the budget, we can create multiple objectives, audiences, and journey phases.
  2. Develop your target audiences: We create your defined target audience in terms of:
    • Location
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Interests
    • Behaviours
    • Connections

As well as creating custom owned audiences in terms of:

    • Website traffic
    • Customer files
    • EDM data base subscription lists
    • App activity
    • Offline activity
  1. Creative Strategy: The objective and target audiences play a vital role in guiding the creative strategy. Content should match the phase of the funnel the customer is in, and correctly set up Facebook campaigns allow a brand to hyper-target messaging to their needs. If the content is not engaging, it is easy to get lost in the noise. Users want advertising that entertains, provides discounts, educates, understands their interests, and tells a compelling story.
  2. Conversion Tracking: To gauge success, it is vital your conversion tracking is checked and set up correctly before commencing Facebook campaigns.
  3. Launch & Optimisation: At Multi Media we prioritise attention to detail. Correct implementation during set up is key to ensure the strategy is executed seamlessly.  Once the campaign is live our social media team are actively working on the campaign and optimising the strategy to help drive growth and success.
  4. Facebook Advertising Results and Success: Facebook measurement tools are centred around measuring three core business outcomes:
    1. Audience Brand Sales
      • How many people did my ads reach?
      • How frequently were they shown?
      • Did my ads reach the right people/audience?
      • Did the ads reach people across devices and which ones were they?
    2. Brand
      • Did my ads break through?
      • Are they memorable?
      • Did they generate brand awareness?
      • Did the ads change the perception of my brand?
    3. Sales
      • Did the ads drive my business outcomes?
      • Did they contribute to ROI efficiently?
      • Did my ads results in sales, leads or app installs?
      • The right measurement tool needs to be applied to the goal.

Let Multi Media help you create a Facebook Advertising strategy that converts, surprises and delivers results for your brand.

Facebook FAQ

There is no minimum spends required from Facebook. It typically charges based on CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) and you can set either a campaign budget or daily budget to suit your business.

Every social platform has unique challenges and opportunities.  The answer always depends on your business, your audience, and your objectives. Facebook has made it increasingly challenging for businesses to achieve organic reach to its followers, as Meta prefers brands to boost their content with paid ads.  The focus should be on quality Facebook content and a cadence that is consistent and sustainable.

Whilst Meta is one of the more user-friendly advertising platforms, the learning curve in driving success with the platform is steep.  Ultimately, if you value your time and have other pressing priorities in the business, a Facebook Advertising Agency can achieve success quicker and always keep you at the forefront of the ever-evolving changes.

In Australia, more than 17 million people have active Facebook accounts – that’s over 65% of the total Australian population. Globally, there are more than 3.96 billion Monthly Active People on the platform, with over 12 million advertisers on the platform – the possibilities are astounding.