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From offline to all things digital, our aim is to maximise your marketing using the Multiplier effect! That is when you multiply a combination of data, ideas and passionate people you get BIG RESULTS. Our dynamic team implements informed media investment ideas, modelled on research intelligence, data and combining those insights and experience to make and nurture customer connections.

We specialise in creating multi-faceted communication strategies across multiple media to ensure your marketing spend is never wasted. The consumer’s journey is no longer linear, they now look to more than one channel when considering purchasing decisions and we as marketers need to ensure our message is present wherever and whenever the consumer turns.

Our point of difference lies in how we utilise and interpret the data – we take the time to understand your customer’s behaviour to determine where they spend time, and how to inspire them to take action.

Our Media Agency Work

Case Study

Safcol Tuna

Fighting to stay on supermarket shelves

Negotiated National television campaign utilising top and tail 15 second commercials that included over 1 hour of in program content.
The in-program product placement was negotiated at no cost and the client received in excess of 60 minutes of peak time product exposure within the program valued at over $6,000,000.

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Case Study


International Electrical Manufacturer

Negotiated the sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup in the Australian market to align with the global partnership.
Within this sponsorship Multi negotiated placement of the client product on set for the duration of the FIFA World Cup as well as highlight moments of each match that aired in program.

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Case Study

Snappy Tom Cat Food

Delivering strong sales growth

National Radio campaign utilising the leading radio personalities Hamish & Andy. The brand campaign was driven 30 second in program commercials placed within the Hamish and Andy Show.
This was then amplified by through in program skits performed by Hamish & Andy to the famous jingle Cats of Australia. The campaign resulted in client sales increasing by 37%.

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Case Study

Rheem Hot Water Systems

Consumer engagement – reinforce client jingle

Conducted a national radio campaign including a competition focussed around client jingle.Listeners rang in and sang the jingle while in the shower for the chance to win various prizes.
Outstanding market reaction with thousands of listeners competing.The objective of embedding the jingle into the psyche of all Australians was highly successful.

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Case Study

Bayer Animal Health

Revitalise product range

Development of integrated cross platform communication strategy incorporating TV, print and digital activity.
Negotiated into the strategy was a sponsorship that incorporated and product placement within the program as well as a bespoke created TVC incorporating talent and in show locations.

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Liquid AI

Multi has formulated a unique and world leading AI for Google – Liquid AI our very own data superpower software that leverages multiple data points to automatically optimise the Google Suite of Products (Search, Display, Youtube) at a macro level which is impossible for humans to manage.

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Creative Media Solutions

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Multi Media is one of the oldest independent media marketing agencies in Australia. Located in Sydney, established in 1988 and formally incorporated in 1991, Multi Media has stood the test of time in an always changing industry.

We are a family of professionals, a family of creative partnerships working together to provide all of our clients with creative media solutions. Multi Media provide a holistic view on how all communication channels work together. We operate with the goal of continued incremental improvement for all client campaigns. This allows your marketing initiatives to be optimised further and deliver more effective marketing campaigns.

We aim to make our clients famous and we prefer to work hard at achieving client success rather than winning industry awards. Client business growth is the ultimate reward, and the longevity of tenure of some of our foundation clients speaks to this philosophy.

Delivering Pinpoint Targeting

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Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly growing field being applied more and more to the marketing field.

Whilst trading bots, programs and platforms have been active with the stock markets and Foreign Exchange for years, the complexity required within the marketing field sees a completely different set of variables and therefore has taken more time to migrate. Multi Media’s Liquid AI for search is set up to deliver finite tuning to highly granular accounts at levels of complexity that humans struggle with.

The power of the AI is that accounts are set up in a manner whereby bidding adjustments can be made at 3-4 times the segmentation of standard accounts. The AI has inbuilt pattern recognition that enables the program to make thousands of bidding adjustments to deliver pinpoint targeting by keyword, gender, age, location etc.

I have been using Multi Media Buying for all our print and electronic media placements for the last 11 years and in that time have never had an issue.Their service, attention to detail and account liaison has been first class.

Simon Taggart, Marketing Manager / A-dec Australia.

MultiMedia have provided media services to the Rheem business for over a decade. While the world of media is in constant change, the team at MultiMedia provide us with consistency – from having a dedicated team of senior people that understand our business, to development of strategy right through to execution and review. MultiMedia works with us across the media gamut as a partner, in the true sense of the word.

John Collignon, Marketing Director / Rheem Australia Pty Ltd

We can’t thank the Multi Media team enough for their diligence and service in delivering a top notch result for Mirvac in the launch of the Walsh Bay Message in a Bottle campaign. We sold out and had to cancel future advertising space!

James Bell, Sales and Marketing Manager / Mirvac Projects

The Multi Media team’s expertise in a number of specialized markets has assisted many of our clients to get far greater value from their media spend. They have demonstrated time and again the effectiveness of their buying skills, particularly in buying television airtime.

John Murray, Managing Director / The Oracle Group

MultiMedia’s knowledge of the rural media landscape is second to none, and coupled with exceptional service they operate as a true partner and consistently deliver value for our business.

Adrian Smith, Marketing Communications & Customer Insights Manager / Bayer Crop Science

We have found Multi Media to be an excellent operating partner as their team thoroughly understands the needs and constraints of a busy creative agency.They are always obliging, helpful and prompt in the follow up of any queries, requests or clarification.

Pamela A Mills, Director / UGP Design

Clients we’ve worked with

Wilson Parking
Solomon Airlines
Rheem Hot Water
Pension Transfers Direct