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The beauty of investing in cinema advertising is presenting your brand to a truly captive and open audience. 

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Cinema advertising is a medium that doesn’t compete for audience attention on any level. It captures audiences in an environment that they have paid to be in, with minimal distractions, allowing for your message to leave a lasting impression.

Research has shown that “cinema works in a different way to other media, with cinema ads being processed by the brain more consciously”.

Audience attention is at its peak as viewers are unable to fast forward an ad, be distracted by their phone or tune out sounds, meaning people are often more receptive and have intensified emotional reactions and resonance with the ads.

Cinema advertising can be especially effective for local businesses to reach their audience as most movie goers live within 10km radius of the theatre, are generally aged between 16-44, and can be defined by the genre of the film they’re watching.

Cinema screens cannot be beaten for impact and scale. If well produced, cinema advertisements can be incredibly memorable, and in Australia, one can buy cinema locally, by state, nationally or “follow the film”. Some films obviously appeal to specific demographics and advertisers can purchase cinema this way.

Multi Media works with a number of cinema chains in Australia including: Greater Union Event Cinemas, Hoyts Cinemas, as well as independent cinemas.

Cinema chains are receptive to promotions, and advertisers can takeover the foyer and do promotional handouts. This opportunity is particularly worthwhile for products which may be available from nearby shops or supermarkets.

Cinema Advertising Package Options

Follow Film

  • A premium buying option providing alignment with a single film title and its audience, delivering synergy and maximum stand out in category
  • Follow film is available at a national, metro and regional level by market. It provides both end of reel positioning and category exclusivity, ensuring competing clients can’t advertise in the same block
  • Get in touch for more details regarding Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze tier movie titles and their projected audience delivery

Target Audience Package (TAP)

  • An aggregated cinema buying option delivering an agreed audience managed by Multi Media Buying
  • This approach provides advertisers with greater buying efficiency and the opportunity to reach a CPM target within the campaign
  • TAP is available on a national or national metro basis only

Movie Mix

  • A cost effective buying option to deliver a target audience, providing flexibility across multiple movie titles and geographical placement
  • Programming is optimised each week to run across a range of movie titles appealing to the advertiser’s target audience
  • Campaign audience delivery is monitored and guaranteed against pre-campaign forecasts Roadblock
  • A new innovation to build reach quickly and create mass awareness
  • Roadblock campaigns provide total coverage of the cinema audience over 1 week
  • Delivering on average 1.5m to 3.0m people weekly, they run across all cinema screens within our network
  • Get in touch for more information on weekly costs and audience forecasts


  • Digital poster network in the foyers of 100 key cinemas nationwide with 270 panels
  • Availability limited to six advertisers in playlist, running a 15” spot length
  • Available on a weekly basis by location

Cinema Advertising Costs

The cost of cinema advertising is determined by several variables including the duration of the campaign, number of locations, how many screens you wish to purchase and the buying model employed.

There are three primary buying models for cinema:

  1. Follow Film: Follow Film aligns your brand message with specific block buster movies only. For example, you may want to place your message only in the new Marvel release as you know your target has a high propensity to view these films. Follow film provides scale, exclusivity, and impact in the biggest pop culture moments.
  2. Roadblock: A Roadblock buy is a week-long domination of cinema. It provides you with national coverage with your ad on screen in every available movie session across the country. It builds mass reach very quickly.
  3. Movie Audience Preferred (MAP):  Is more targeted and cost-efficient CPM based buy that provides flexibility in scale, programming, target demographic and geo-location

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you develop a successful cinema campaign feel free to get in touch.

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