Mobile advertising allows you to reach out to customers via their mobile devices.

According to similarweb, mobile leads all traffic share for devices with 65.89% traffic share vs. 32.38% desktop. With this number only increasing.

98% of Australians have a mobile device and there are many ways to reach and convert this audience when they are on this device, be it with Social Media Advertising, Mobile Rich Media, In-App Advertising or Programmatic Media Advertising.

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There are several formats, from text messages, banner ads on mobile sites, in app advertising and mobile game advertising. The formats on mobile are also constantly evolving with a wide variety of ad formats like takeovers, ScrollX, Interstitials, Film Strips, Sliders, E-commerce enabled, 3D Animations and much more.  Planning, implementing, and measuring the success of a campaign delivered exclusively through mobile platforms requires experience and implementing the right tracking. Creative needs to be tailored to the platforms selected, as well as ensuring it is optimised for the smaller display space and to drive conversion.

At Multi Media, we aren’t just a Mobile Advertising Agency that books a campaign and let’s it run with a set and forget attitude.  We care about the success of your business, and we have a wealth of experience to help you achieve your goals. Experience in implementing Mobile Advertising best practice is critical in working out how to stop the thumb scroll and increase conversion considerations.

Mobile Advertising can be powerful as it offers a mixture of lean in and lean back environments. People tend to scroll very quickly through their news feed.  According to Facebook people spend as little as 1.7 seconds with a piece of content on average before moving on.  At Multi Media we can not only help you better engage this audience, but also recommending other mobile environments such as Mobile Rich Media where the scroll is slower and attention is higher.

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