Media Buying in Agribusiness: More Than Just Numbers, It’s About the Land

Navigating the realm of media buying is no small feat, especially in the agricultural sector. For this unique landscape, you need experts like Multi Media. We’ve been deeply rooted in the Australian agribusiness scene for years. Moreover, we don’t just understand what clicks and what doesn’t; we’re part of the farming community ourselves.

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The Heart of Multi Media: A Passion for Agribusiness

Our senior staff live and breathe farming. Residing on the land, they gain firsthand insights. Hence, they know the do’s and don’ts when communicating with those who work and cherish the land.

Why Understanding Farmers Matters

Let’s be clear: farmers are savvy businesspeople. They know their fields, crops, and livestock inside and out. Aiming for the best yields and top-notch care for their stock isn’t accidental; it’s skill and knowledge at work.

The Evolution of Modern Farming

Farming has come a long way. Nowadays, it’s a technologically advanced enterprise. From high-tech machinery to data-driven decisions on when to sow, fertilize, or spray, nothing is left to chance.

Agricultural Media Specialists (2)
Agricultural Media Specialists (3)

The Economic Powerhouse

Don’t underestimate agriculture’s contribution to Australia’s economy. In 2021-22 alone, agri-exports rocketed to around $76 billion, led by grain, oilseeds, and pulses.

In fact, over 70% of all agricultural products made in Australia find their way overseas. Consequently, our farmers continuously push the envelope, enhancing productivity for the nation’s greater good.

How Multi Media Elevates Your Agribusiness

We excel in targeted marketing. Whether it’s by hectares, crop type, or livestock, we’ve been doing this successfully for years. This segmented approach gives you an edge in an ever-evolving digital environment. Indeed, a solid digital strategy ensures your campaign hits the mark.

Changing Media Landscape

The media game is changing daily. Although farmers still read their weekly rural papers, they’re gradually becoming more digitally savvy. Therefore, a comprehensive media plan is crucial.

Target the Right Farming Community

With almost 88,000 agricultural businesses in Australia, targeting becomes critical. We specialize in hitting the bullseye, especially when it comes to broadacre and dairy farms.

Why Choose Multi Media?

Whether you’re a shed supplier, seed producer, or sell large machinery, Multi Media stands out in the agribusiness media sector. Our reputation precedes us, and we’d be honoured to assist you with all your media needs.

Ready To Act?

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Multi Media: where your land is our land.

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Agribusiness Media Buying FAQs

Multi Media specialises in targeted marketing, focusing on hectares, crop types, or livestock. This precise approach ensures your marketing investment reaps maximum returns.

Our senior staff are not just passionate about agribusiness; they live on the land. This provides firsthand insights that are invaluable for crafting effective media strategies.

We monitor media trends closely, especially among farmers who are becoming more digitally savvy. Our strategies encompass both traditional and digital platforms.

From shed suppliers and seed producers to large machinery sellers, Multi Media has a broad client base within the agricultural sector.

We cover the entire landscape of Australia’s agricultural businesses, focusing not just on broadacre and dairy farms but also on various crop types and livestock.