Access the power of programmatic advertising with Multi Media Buying.

Programmatic Advertising offers sophisticated audience targeting and measurement across a vast range of digital media platforms. Website Display Advertising, BVOD (7 Plus, 9 Now, 10 Play & SBS On Demand), SVOD (Kayo Sports, Foxtel Go!, Binge, Netflix and Optus Sport), Website Video Pre-Rolls, Audio (Spotify, Podcasts and Radio Networks), YouTube and Digital Out of Home Billboards are just some of the platforms available withing the programmatic space.

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Programmatic Media not only offers superior audience targeting, but it gives advertisers the opportunity to access premium content environments cost efficiently. Programmatic media buying provides advertisers with the ability to be dynamic and agile with campaign optimisation.  Programmatic buying allows our Multi Digital expert team to optimise your programmatic campaigns in real time to drive the best results.

Programmatic Advertising is perfect for advertisers big or small as you can be highly targeted with your advertising across just about any digital advertising platform. This audience led approach means significantly less budget wastage and greater ROI for every dollar spent.

Our Approach

The Multi Media approach to programmatic advertising is first and foremost to align the programmatic strategy with the broader media strategy being implemented across other media platforms be they; TV, Radio, print or other forms of offline or online media.

Programmatic media buying enables advertisers to buy exposure to a highly defined target audience at scale irrespective of device type, website, or environment. Programmatic buying has the potential to add considerable reach and frequency extensions to other media channels.

Our primary discipline of buying programmatic media is asking …. Does this strategy align with your brands’ principles? We consider the discipline of maximising your first- and second-party data as a priority and understanding your audience enables us to create relevant segments for targeting.

We look to implement appropriate frequency capping to ensure campaign goals are achieved and define true value-based metrics to measure the impact of your campaigns.

Multi Media do not just look to buy any old media at scale across programmatic… we look to appropriately leverage data and programmatic technologies to access brand safe environments with whitelisted publishers and key properties to ensure your ad appears in the right place, at right time, to right audience within contextually relevant environments.

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Programmatic FAQs

Essentially, this type of advertising is an automated methodology of buying Digital Media inventory including Display, Native, Video, TV, Digital Audio, and Digital Billboards. The process uses bidding systems to leverage audience data (1st, 2nd and 3rd party) to buy available digital media inventory using automation for speed and cost efficiency. In fact, this methodology is now one of the main methods utilised to buy digital media… and the inventory available to be purchased programmatically continues to expand.

Programmatic Advertising is more than just display advertising. You can programmatically buy digital audio, native, digital video ads in-stream, or pre-rolls within On Demand TV Shows across BVOD platform and SVOB platforms and even digital Billboards.

The Google Display Network is what is referred to as a Supply Side Platform.  Google Display Network is one of the biggest Supply Side Platforms with access to 90% of the websites on the internet.  Programmatic Advertising is run from Demand Side Platforms such as Stackadapt, Trade Desk and Google DV360 which utilises multiple Supply Side Platforms including the Google Display Network and others to target audiences.  Programmatic is also more expansive than Google Display as you can access many more platforms and reach greater audiences than you can if you were to just target audiences from your Google Ads Account.  Programmatic also has access to more third-party audience and data providers, this allows advertisers to use more data sets to develop bespoke target audiences for campaigns.

While walled gardens, ad-blockers and device security is slowing development within this area of marketing, we are seeing both digital and traditional channels quickly adopting a programmatic media advertising methodology to their buying. This type of media buying enables advertisers to leverage first, second- and third-party data far more extensively to deliver advertising to consumers irrespective of where the audience is consuming media. It may mean that if some of your target audience has a greater propensity to stream videos on connected TVs, another responds better to native advertising – this method enables you to reach them both simultaneously.

Whilst there are typically no minimum spends for individual campaigns (unless you are organising a PMP deal for guaranteed inventory), you do need to have a considerable volume of spend to qualify to utilise a DSP which is why you typically need an agency to run programmatic campaigns.  Training resources aren’t as readily available which is why it is always best to have an experienced programmatic agency, like Multi Media, run this for you.

First Party Data is your own businesses data.  A good example of First Party Data is re-targeting users that have come to your website and not converted.

Second Party Data is where you have partnered with someone, and they have shared their owned data with you.  An example of this would be if you ran a competition with another brand and you both shared the entrant’s data from this competition.

3rd party data is a collection of data from providers where users are segmented by different sets of criteria interests based on search history, websites visited, email subscriptions and product purchase history etc.