LinkedIn has more than 675 million users worldwide, over 303 million active users each month, and 4.5 million users living in Australia. LinkedIn is a standout tool used to target influencers, decision makers and executives.

Effectiveness on this platform is driven by a high-level content strategy and it should include a healthy mix of brand awareness, thought leadership and lead generation. The greater the organic reach of your content, the more it can amplify your paid campaigns.

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LinkedIn Advertising targeting options include:

  • Job Experience – Job Functions, Job Seniorities, Job Titles, Member Skills, and Years of Experience
  • Education – Degrees, fields of study and member schools
  • Demographics – Age & Gender
  • Company – Company connections, followers, Industry, name & size
  • Interest – Member interest & groups
  • Matched Audiences – People who have visited your website, uploading contact management data, and account targeting. In addition to rich Demographic Targeting, Matched Audiences helps you engage key accounts, prospects, and customers that matter most to your business.
  • Lookalike audiences – With website retargeting, you can create audiences based on the pages they visit on your website and recapture your visitors’ interest with content relevant to the pages they viewed. You can do this by adding the LinkedIn insight tag to your web pages, such as your homepage or contact us page.

LinkedIn Advertising Formats:

LinkedIn has several ad formats available, and avenues for direct networking. Multi Media can create unique and compelling content for LinkedIn across all ad formats.

  • LinkedIn Sponsored Content
  • LinkedIn Sponsored InMail
  • LinkedIn Display Ads
  • LinkedIn Video Ads

What we do

At Multi Media we can take care of everything from LinkedIn Conversion tracking to LinkedIn Strategy and Content Development, Advertising, Optimising and Reporting.  Our team works closely with your business to understand your offering, audience, and objectives.  We tailor a strategy to help drive success within your budget.

  1. Strategy
  2. Content Development
  3. LinkedIn Ads
  4. Reporting & Optimisation

Whether you need help in one or all four areas, our team is here to help you with your LinkedIn Advertising.

The Power of LinkedIn advertising

Whilst LinkedIn is one of the best B2B marketing platforms available, LinkedIn is also a very powerful advertising platform for B2C campaigns as well and is often overlooked in this respect. LinkedIn has a powerful array of audience targeting in terms of demographic, education, job titles and professional interests that other platforms do not offer.  

LinkedIn’s content algorithm also allows for greater potential of shareability which also makes it an attractive consideration for your business, particularly in the B2B marketing space. 

Talk to our team at Multi Media about LinkedIn Advertising for your B2B communications.

LinkedIn FAQ

LinkedIn is a great advertising platform to consider for your business as you can spend as little or as much as you want on a daily or campaign lifetime budget (within reason of course).  We will set the campaign objective in conjunction with you and are then typically charged on a CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) basis. LinkedIn Advertising is more about setting the right budget to drive your desired results. 

If you are in the B2B industry, then LinkedIn should be at the forefront of consideration for your media mix.  It is important to remember efficiencies are different to other social media platforms but aligned with the cost efficiencies you see with B2B and narrower targeted niche audiences. If you are B2C focused, and occupation comes into the consideration of your target market then LinkedIn is worth adding to your mix to reach and convert this audience more effectively.

Yes, you can and we highly recommend you do.  LinkedIn conversion tracking is one of our specialties.  Let us save you time and give you the confidence in driving a return for your LinkedIn advertising spend.

It will depend on the size of your audience and how long your campaign is.  However, there are no minimum spends and like other Social Media platforms LinkedIn is perfect for any sized budget to help you reach your goals. LinkedIn is a very insightful and robust advertising platform.  We utilise its audience insights to help drive your LinkedIn strategy and can help advise you on the appropriate budget for your campaign.

LinkedIn recommends posting between 2-5 times per week. It is always important to bring your marketing back to an objective and assess the payoff of the effort in this equation.  Every business is different in terms of size, resource, and its audience.  Our team can assist you with the right ideas and recommendation.

According to LinkedIn, Video works the best, but they do recommend posting all different formats of content, such as articles, reviews, opinion pieces and research.

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