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LinkedIn has more than 675 million users worldwide, over 303 million active users each month, and 4.5 million users living in Australia. LinkedIn is a standout tool used to target influencers, decision makers and executives.

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Effectiveness on this platform is driven by a high-level content strategy and it should include a healthy mix of brand awareness, thought leadership and lead generation. The greater the organic reach of your content, the more it can amplify your paid campaigns.

LinkedIn Advertising targeting options include:

  • Job Experience – Job Functions, Job Seniorities, Job Titles, Member Skills and Years of experience
  • Education – Degrees, fields of study and member schools
  • Demographics – Age & Gender
  • Company – Company connections, followers, Industry, name & size
  • Interest – Member interest & groups
  • Matched Audiences – Through people who have visited your website, uploading contact management data, and account targeting. In addition to rich Demographic Targeting, Matched Audiences helps you engage key accounts, prospects, and customers that matter most to your business.
  • Lookalike audiences – With website retargeting, you can create audiences based on the pages they visit on your website and recapture your visitors’ interest with content relevant to the pages they viewed. You can do this by adding the LinkedIn insight tag to your web pages, such as your homepage or contact us page.

LinkedIn has a number of ad formats available, and avenues for direct networking.We create unique and compelling content for LinkedIn across all ad formats.

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Our Media Services

We do more than just buy media – we take our client’s data to create a communication strategy and media plan that takes into account seasonality, flighting, audience recall. Once we have the right formula of data, we negotiate and purchase the media on their behalf, and then audit the feedback – constantly adjusting to multiply results.