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Multi Media’s Digital Advertising team aim to help simplify the complexity of search engine marketing, cutting out unnecessary white noise to focus on your main objectives. To help manage Paid Google activities we optimise client accounts at highly granular levels. many agencies do not offer granular targeting as Google is about scale, but Multi will spend the time to set your campaigns up to suit your marketing goals.

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is the optimisation of your website’s visibility in unpaid search results, resulting in you being ranked higher up the listings. Being ranked higher delivers more visits to your website and in turn can improve the volume of sales you’re achieving. SEO is the practice of understanding how the search ranking algorithm works and how user search behaviour can uncover opportunities. This then develops into optimising your website to make the most of the two and bring more customers to your site.

Our approach

SEO is a long-term strategy approach which is undertaken incrementally starting with on-page hygiene factors then moving onto off-page growth areas. We review and optimise content currently on the website, recommend and develop new content, review the HTML code and ensure it is structured best for algorithms to interpret, ensure keyword density is appropriate and all pages are indexed and listed in the sitemap. Off-page activities include backlinks and inbound link management.


  • Site hierarchy
  • Internal linking structures
  • Off-site authority building
  • Keyword research
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PPC is the acronym for Pay Per Click. This is the common term for paid advertising on search engines such as Google, Bing, Baidu, and Amazon. Keywords are selected that closely reflect the product or service being offered and an auction occurs between other advertisers bidding on those same terms. A text advert appears at the time of search for customers if your ad has been triggered allowing the user to click and visit your site if your product or service is relevant to them.

Our approach

Keyword research is the beginning point of every PPC advertising campaign. From this the keywords and ad copy is developed closely in line with the products or services offered. Once the account structure has been developed, the tactics have been defined, and the targets set, optimization holds the key to achieving a high ROI.


  • Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords)
  • Bing
  • Baidu
  • Amazon
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Multi’s Google Search Expertise

We take the time to set your campaigns up so that we can segment regions, demographics and other specific requirements. Often these types of setups are not offered by digital companies as they are time consuming and difficult.

Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly growing field being applied more and more to the marketing field. Whilst trading bots, programs and platforms have been active with the stock markets and Foreign Exchange for years, the complexity required within the marketing field sees a completely different set of variables and therefore has taken more time to migrate. Multi Media’s search is set up to deliver finite tuning to highly granular accounts.

The option for directly managing budgets through Google is to lock in set spending and then push campaigns to these limits to ensure spends are met.  The problem with this type of budget management is that it minimises the number of targeting strategies that can be managed effectively due to the risk of human error that arise when segmenting the budgets.

Our campaigns are organised neatly through up to 7 unique targeting environments (YouTube, YouTube Remarketing, Display, Site Remarketing, Search, Shopping and Apps) and we can set up daily budgets to your requirements rather than working to a broader approach.