Find your voice and harness the power of your story with a content marketing agency.

Content marketing attracts and converts customers through valuable, engaging, and free content, and is part of any strategic marketing plan. Content marketing creates long-term brand loyalty, provides valuable information to consumers, and creates a willingness to purchase products from the company in the future. It does not involve direct sales, and instead builds trust and rapport.

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What we do


Multi Media will conduct keyword research and uncover content opportunities for your business to then execute.

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Depending on the type of business, YouTube can be an extremely important platform for pushing short and long form content.

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Our Social Content Specialists will develop content that hooks, engages and builds deeper brand affinity.

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Synergise your content and engage with your database of customers in a way that builds brand loyalty and return.

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Our Approach

Multi Media works with our clients to create strategic and engaging content, as well as niche analysis, keyword research, audience segmentation, and customer journey mapping. It all starts with gaining a deep understanding of your business and your audience to develop engaging content.

Content marketing is considered by many marketers as an important strategy and whilst it can be highly effective, it is a complex art. When developing and deploying a content strategy it is important that it is executed in an authentic way that relates back to your business, your audience and achieves your goals. That is why the help of a content marketing agency like Multi Media is important when trying to increase your chances of success.

Content marketing is exciting as the opportunities are endless. At Multi Media we don’t believe in “content for content’s sake” or forcing the latest trend onto our clients as not all content opportunities are a fit for all businesses. We will only recommend content strategies and types of content that are right for your business to achieve your marketing objectives.

Content Marketing FAQ

Whilst there is not a cost to post content organically to socials or your website, the cost of the creation of the content will vary based on the volume of content (how many posts are created), the type of content (blog, image or video etc), the output of the content (Reel, Square Video, Story, Carousel, Static Square Image, Blog Post) and the agency producing the content and their fees.

It is the development and posting of online assets such as videos, blogs, and social media posts with the intent to provide valuable information to the reader as opposed to directly promoting the brand.

The objective of content marketing is to build trust, authority, and engagement with an audience. This allows a brand to build its pool of potential customers, foster positive brand sentiment or positive word of mouth and eventually selling more products. It is a softer, longer-term approach to promotion and sales.

Blogs, eBooks, videos, infographics, whitepapers, social posts, influencer posts, podcasts etc.

If done well, content marketing can assist the SEO of your website, sustainably build and nurture upper to mid funnel leads for your business, establish you as an authority amongst your competitors, build trust and brand loyalty with customers.

There is no one size fits all as to which content works best.  To find what type of content may potentially work best for your business is important to understand the consumption habits and needs of your potential customers and then develop the flavour and style of content that aligns with your audience.

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