Media Planning

In Media, as in most things, planning is crucial.

At Multi Media we insist on understanding a client's product and target audience before we begin to contemplate how and when we might communicate with the target. We use a wealth of statistics and other data resources (data sources included within the research tab) to produce targeted audience and media consumption profiles and then relate these to various media to determine the optimum combinations for each advertiser and product.

Multi Media then develop innovative ways in which the selected media can cut through and increase awareness. We know that creative media ideas and strategic placements work. Multi strives to create unique campaigns for each client.

Media Buying

Buying media is an art form that requires plenty of nous and hard nosed negotiation skills. One must be across market conditions, current performance and demand to be able to gain the most competitive rates.

Rates and cost efficiency are issues encountered everyday when dealing with the media. Negotiation of the best rates comes down to experience, rapport with the media outlets as well as good old clout! Multi Media have buying affiliations that make up over $250million dollars in advertising expenditure - and that's a lot of clout in a market.

Media Research

Multi Media utilise numerous industry tools to help research and plan advertising campaigns for our clients.
The following outlines some of the industry data tools in which Multi Media subscribe. We can also create customised surveys for unique insights into consumer behavior within a category.

  • OZ Tam Television Ratings & Data
  • A.C. Nielsen Radio Ratings
  • Roy Morgan Media Profiling

  • Digital

    Multi Media offer a wide variety of Digital Services to Agencies and Advertisers.

    With specialist divisions in all digital fields (Display, Email, Search (SEO/SEM), Social, Mobile, Content Creation) our objective is to help advertisers understand the potential of digital channels and how they fit into their marketing mix and advertising goals.

    Traditional media measurements have always been limited in their ability to track definable outcomes from media spends, often relying on out dated survey methodology. Digital, however, offers no shortage of data and the immediacy in which it is available offers endless opportunities to enhance marketing program.

    Digital also offers accountability to offline advertising vehicles via analysis of Search results (such as brand or campaign related search terms) vs TV/Press/Radio/Other media flighting.There is almost data overload within the digital realm and the main problems marketers are faced with are the goals by which they measure a campaign’s success and wading through irrelevant data.

    Multi Media like to make this whole process more efficient and effective…. We do it for you!!

    We are goal orientated and will measure a campaign’s success not only against awareness and ‘buzz’ within your target audience, but by the conversions and the affect a campaigns has had on the bottom line (and let’s face it… with ever tightening margins, being accountable to the bottom line is very important).

    By closely monitoring cause and effect of all digital marketing initiatives we can evolve ongoing campaigns to ensure ROI is moving in the right direction.

    Previously the age old quote from John Wanamaker was quite true:
    “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half”
    When it comes to digital, the tables have turned and we now have the ability to offer much greater spend transparency.

    Some of the services available through Multi are listed below:

    - Strategic development & implementation of digital campaigns (multi platform)
    - SEO/SEM
    - Social (tracking, development, implementation)
    - Analytics (paths to conversion, multivariate testing, ROI, customised consumer analysis and survey development)
    - Web development and creation