Time Shift Viewing Habits


ime Shift Viewing habits

Time shift viewing is the ability that viewers now have to pause, rewind, fast forward and record live TV. This function is conducted through a PVR (personal video recorder) device such as TIVO or Foxtel IQ. The penetration of PCR devices is currently around 44% of households. The measurement of time shift viewing has only been possible in Australia for the last 2 years due to technological restrictions. We now however have 2 years of trending data that gives us some insights into how viewers are using their PVR devises providing us with some valuable insights between Live and Consolidated (total Live plus playback of recorded content over the next 7 days) audience numbers. Broadly, the least time shifted program genres include news, current affairs programs, comedy sitcoms and live sport. On the flip side those that deliver the largest increase in consolidated viewing are dramas, season finales and programs that have developed a cult following such as Survivor.

Source: Oztam Jan - Dec 2011, Total People 5 Capital Citie

We are also seeing patterns emerge where TV Networks schedule programs against each other that attract a similar audience. This was evident earlier this year on Monday night at 20.30. Network Seven’s Revenge clearly won the hour however the audience numbers for both NCIS LA (Network Ten) and Alcatraz (Nine) increased by 30-40% from Live to Consolidated viewers.

Of course once The Voice started Monday night audience numbers changed dramatically, next week we will give you a snapshot of how the Voice has shaken up Network share across the week.