Programmatic advertising is a method of buying digital media inventory like display, native and video on a broad range of private and publisher websites.

The process uses a bidding systems to leverage audience data (1st, 2nd and 3rd party) and to buy available digital media inventory using automation for speed and cost efficiency. Programmatic is now the main method utilized to buy standard display media and it is quickly making inroads into other channels as well.

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Our Approach to buying programmatic digital media is to first and foremost align the strategy with other media being purchased, be it; TV / Radio / Offline and other forms of media.

Programmatic buying enables us to buy exposure to a highly defined target audience at scale irrespective of device type, website or environment and adds considerable reach and frequency extensions to other media channels.

Our primary discipline of buying programmatic media is asking …. Does this strategy align with your brands’ principles. We take into account the discipline of maximising your first and second party data as the priority. Understanding your audience and creating relevant segmentations for targeting.

We look to implement appropriate frequency capping to ensure campaign goals are achieved and define true value-based metrics to measure the impact of your campaigns.

Multi Media do not just look to buy any old media at scale across programmatic… we look to appropriately leverage data and programmatic technologies to access brand safe environments with whitelisted publishers and key properties to ensure you appear right place, right time, right audience and within contextually relevant environments