The Multi Media Vision


Multi Media commenced operation in 1988, and back then our vision for the company was to assist small clients through the media process. Clients with smaller budgets did not get the attention they deserved in the large agencies. Every dollar counts.

One client started out billing $4,000 a month, grew to $40,000, and then $150,000, and their business growth was something we assisted by being proactive and conscientious in everything we did on their behalf.


Our vision for today is no different. The arena in which we operate however is vastly different. Media is far more challenging due to the massive diversification of the media universe. Now more than ever our input must be well researched, our knowledge up to date, and our negotiating skills adept. The relationship we develop with our clients is based on trust and confidence and is developed through demonstrating to them our passion to increase their sales, market share, and drive the dollars they entrust us with as hard as possible.

Multi’s vision comes back to providing service, providing sound advice, providing results and investing back into our client’s businesses in good and bad times. Vision is a tangible thing – it is not something out of reach and the vision for Multi remains consistent: To provide our clients with the right advice, the right price, and the right service no matter how large or how small the budget, and to do it with inspired media solutions.

Imagine the possibilities ……


Multi Media – inspired – intelligent media providers