Online and Radio Synergy


Several international studies have already proven the importance of sonic branding. Advertisers who give their brand a catchy sound, make it more memorable. The brand stays in people’s minds for longer, thus making them more inclined to look for it. The same applies to shorter ads of less than 15 seconds. In this category, the study registered an ad boost of 62%, whereas radio ads of the average 20-25 second length increased search behaviour by 35%. According to Elie Boonefaes at Google, this has to do with the shorter ad’s action- oriented character: “If you have only 10 seconds, you are almost compelled to cut your message to a concise reference to your website. This, of course, does not mean that a short radio ad is always more effective. But if you are really only out to attract more people to your site, then a handful of words is enough.”


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